Capturing Memories — Vidyasha’s Experience

Vidyasha was doing a grain and material distribution drive to low income families in the community from which a lot of their girl scholars come. They realised that they did not have anyone to capture this event, and help them keep the photos not only for their archives, but for future collateral. They had a very specific demand to find a photographer and an amateur videographer to record the event, on a specific date at a specific time.

It was still early days for us, and our volunteer base was still growing. We were worried about how to find volunteers for this role, but determined not to give up. We contacted Living to Change, a group of college students dedicated to contributing towards social causes. Within a day, someone from their group, Priyanshi, had volunteered for the cause. She also convinced a friend of hers, Riya, to join her as a videographer, and we were ready to serve Vidyasha!

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The event went off seamlessly, and the feedback we received from Mr. Navin Chandra (founder of Vidyasha) expressed his gratitude for our service, and an assurance that we would be contacted for Vidyasha’s future volunteering needs!

Vidyasha is a programme that identifies girl children from economically challenged families and ensures their education does not get compromised due to financial constraints.

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