A Very Merry Christmas — Akanksha’s experience at the first CFCommunity Event

On Christmas every year, we wait for Santa to come and give us our presents. Christmas, Santa and presents in my mind, have always gone together. This year, I decided to do something different. ConnectFor Community gave me the opportunity to become Santa for the kids at Salaam Baalak Trust. Being someone’s Santa is a great experience and it gave me immense joy. It’s true, joy shared is joy multiplied, and through ConnectFor we decided to bring joy to the children. It was a day filled with lots of activities, games, gifts and food! The day started with gathering all us volunteers and kids. As volunteers from the CF community arrived, we decided to entertain the children by dancing with them. The kids were so talented and possessed quite amazing dancing skills — their dance on Salman’s Khan song, Hero, was unbelievable!

It was also really touching because all the kids had prepared wonderful cards us and they gave each of us those cards; they made sure that all of us Didis and Bhaiyyas had at least one card each. Then, we played some group games with them which involved decorating a Santa hat followed by a game of housie and pin the nose on Rudolph which ended up in hilarious moments!

One of the other volunteers had even dressed up as Santa who distributed ConnectFor’s gifts to the kids. The kids loved their gifts and were excited to play with them. There was even a dance competition to get out the dancing talent of each of them and it was difficult to judge who the winner was.

Finally, what’s Christmas without a Christmas tree right? The centre didn’t have one, so one of the activities for us volunteers was helping the children decorate a small tree that ConnectFor had arranged for. This tree was decorated by the kids themselves with a few decorations which we gave each kid, and we had Santa putting the star on the top of the tree. Soon it was time for food and some very Christmas-y cupcakes that the kids loved.

The whole experience was amazing. The whole place was filled joy and laughter. It was a Christmas that none of us will forget. We definitely got more than what we gave, which is the joy of making someone else happy. It was a truly Merry Christmas!

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