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India has more than 2 million operating NGOs, and this number continues to rise. This increase in social causes and initiatives urges us to look beyond our lives, and into the well-being and progression of the community around us. But with the many options one can pour their skills and goodwill into, it is daunting to take a first step toward being a volunteer.

So how do you find a cause that you care about and will be useful for?

Enter ConnectFor — an online volunteering platform.

What ConnectFor does is bring people closer to the causes they care about, giving them the opportunity of being potential volunteers for those in need. If you’re an NGO, ConnectFor can recruit volunteers for you that suit your requirements and fit their preferences.

How does it work?

The only prerequisites to using ConnectFor are a desire to help and an internet connection. The interface is simple and accessible. As you explore the site, you can scroll through volunteering and internship opportunities. You can filter these according to the skillset you offer, the things you care about, and the time you can give. If you are inclined to volunteer for a foundation, NGO, or event you’ve spotted, you can express your interest and ConnectFor will connect you with them.

And do not worry, almost any skill you have can be employed when it comes to helping someone out. If you can speak a certain language, sit and play with children, drive a car, design a website, or take photos, there is an opportunity out there for you to reach out and have your skills used for the best. The only thing we need to know is the urgency of collaboration toward a goal that will perhaps make the world a nicer place for one, two, or a million inhabitants of the planet. So far ConnectFor has had 2719 volunteers and 3320 volunteer hours which have in turn saved Rs. 995,100 in terms of impact for the NGO. The figure keeps rising and thus, speaks for how important both big and small contributions are.

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ConnectFor not only makes available those that can be hard to find, but it also opens up a whole new world of service and compassion and goodness that may become elusive in the rough terrain of a 9 to 5. There is nothing to lose, but plenty to give and gain.

This blog article was written by ConnectFor’s newest volunteer blog writer, Haalah Shaikh. She will be working with us on interesting pieces linked to volunteering in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned!

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