9 Days of Navratri Volunteering

Navratri, which means 9 nights, is a festival that celebrates the feminine nature of the Divine and signifies the triumph of good over evil is right around the corner. While this festival is typically celebrated with lots of dancing, lights, and color — there are other ways of bringing joy to yourself and others too.

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In the spirit of “Nav-ratri” and the triumph of good over evil, we would like to suggest 9 ways that you can volunteer and bring that same feeling of festivity and celebration to the lives of the underprivileged, who do not have the same opportunities to celebrate like most of us.

A list of 9 opportunities/activities that can be done for 9 days of Navratri.

  1. Have a “Dandiya Raas” workshop at any school for the underprivileged: While you might think this may sound like a self-inflicting injury session if you have two left feet like me, worry not I have a solution. Collect a group of 3–4 of your friends, learn the basic dandiya techniques on youtube, practice a few times and Voila! If dandiya seems too complicated, try Garba! It does not involve any risks as it is stick-free. Here is one such opportunity - https://www.connectfor.org/opportunities/performing-arts-volunteer/
  2. Rangoli Teaching Workshop: Pick any NGO supporting Education or Empowerment. You could hold a rangoli workshop, teaching children and/or women how to do rangoli with and without stencils. Use bright colors in celebration of Diwali being right round the corner. Here is one such opportunity - https://www.connectfor.org/opportunities/diwali-activities-volunteer/
  3. Organize a special “Ram Lila” skit for the underprivileged: Pick any NGO that supports Education and has beneficiaries for the same. Organize a viewing of Ram Lila for the children. Choose any number of beneficiaries that can be managed by you or your group. Here is one such opportunity- https://www.connectfor.org/opportunities/volunteer-and-direct-a-skit-on-ramayana/
  4. Organize a Diya-making workshop: Most diyas are made via pottery in earthen clay. Pick any NGO that supports Education and Empowerment and hold a pottery workshop followed by painting the diyas workshop one afternoon. Through this workshop, you also help vocationally train many women to empower themselves through diya making and selling. Here is one such opportunity - https://www.connectfor.org/opportunities/diwali-activities-volunteer/
  5. Watch the Ramayana together: In the spirit of Dusshera, organize watching the Ramayana together. Pick any beneficiary type you like to support — like a school or an orphanage or a center for the destitute and organize this film watching session there.
  6. Food Distribution Drive to the Needy: Collect a group of 3–4 or more people from your network and organize one item of food each. You can target distributing food to any number of people, from 10 people to even 50! Choose an area wisely depending on the number of beneficiaries so that nobody goes hungry. In the spirit of Navratri, try to organize anyone typical sweet-meat for the beneficiaries to savor. Here is one such opportunity - https://www.connectfor.org/opportunities/cf0639-food-distribution/
  7. Hold a special lecture on Hindu Mythology: Pick any NGO where you can give an educational session. India, a country rife with culture and tradition, hold an educational session where a group of beneficiaries are taught about the history of the Vedas, Navratri and our main Hindu gods. Here is one such opportunity -https://www.connectfor.org/opportunities/cf0664-teaching-volunteer/
  8. Hold a Donation Drive: With Diwali right around the corner that signifies a tradition of buying new items for your home and self, hold a donation drive for those who do not have the privilege of buying new items for themselves or their families. You can have a general drive where people can contribute clothes, toys, books etc or a specific one depending on your target group of beneficiaries.
  9. Organize a field trip to watch the burning of Ravana together: On the last day of Navratri, many public areas traditionally organize a burning of a life-size Ravana to signify the abolishment of evil. You can organize a field trip for a group of beneficiaries to take to watch this.

Make this Navratri more special, not only for yourself but others. Their smile will make you realize and remind you of the simple pleasures of life, that we sometimes in our hectic lives forget.

Find your Navratri opportunity today, on www.connectfor.org!

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