9 Cause Areas to Volunteer

Interested in volunteering but not sure where to begin and what cause to choose? Well, that’s why ConnectFor is here! We are going to list nine various fields of opportunities that might interest you and where you go begin your Volunteering Journey! Here they are:

  • Advocacy & HR: If you’re interested in working directly with people, love to learn more about marketing and social media, and want to see the company grow, then volunteering in organizations that require HR is just for you! When volunteering in Advocacy and HR, you are given the opportunity to expand awareness of the organization by engaging the employees by practice their skills and broaden team leadership capabilities. Furthermore, you can be in charge of helping to advance social change and take advantage of networking, professional development, and branding opportunities.

Visit https://www.connectfor.org/causes/advocacy-hr/ for opportunities related to Advocacy & HR !

  • Animals: Have you ever wanted a pet, but your parents always say no? If you answered yes, then volunteering at an animal shelter gets you one step closer to having a pet…well sorta! Working with animals gives you the opportunity to create a bond with them so that they can become adoptable. By working with animals, they begin to trust you and other humans in extension. This helps them come out of their shell, stop being timid, and become desirable to adopters. Animal shelters, specifically, need volunteers! Each one of these animals needs love and care. As a volunteer, you will never go unnoticed and you will never feel like you aren’t helping in some way.

Visit https://www.connectfor.org/causes/animals/ for opportunities related to Animals !

  • Children & Youth: By volunteering with children & youth, you are not only building community amongst yourselves, but you are also ending loneliness, increasing socializing, building bonds between you and the children who might need it, and building self-esteem by providing positivity to children who might need a bit of encouragement.

Visit https://www.connectfor.org/causes/children-youth/ for opportunities related to Children and Youth!

  • Community Development: Volunteering in the community that you live, or a surrounding community can be quite beneficial. Being with people who live around you will give you a chance to connect with them, by making them your new friends and contacts. Additionally, it will increase self-confidence and will help you stay fit!

Visit https://www.connectfor.org/causes/community-development/ for opportunities related to Community Development !

Education & Literacy: Love teaching or working with students? Then, sign up for helping out students in the classroom and with their academics! But, if you need a bit of change, then volunteering doesn’t always have to be in the classroom or during school hours. You can participate in helping set-up for school events, assisting teachers in building classroom supplies or creating lesson plans, reading with children, or even offering to tutor them outside of school. Volunteering at a school can be an intimidating and challenging experience, but with little courage and grit, it can be an excellent opportunity to develop leadership skills!

Visit https://www.connectfor.org/causes/education-literacy/ for opportunities related to Education and Literacy !

  • Environment: People get involved in environmental volunteering for different reasons. For some it’s the desire to help the causes they believe in or feel passionate about is, is on the main reasons. Others do it because they would like more excitement and adventure in their lives. In other words, almost any reason that motivates you to want to become an environmental volunteer is worthwhile. Working in the environment field as a volunteer, you will have the opportunities to work closely with nature. This would include the water, planting trees, and being exposed to different areas that might need more of ecological protection.

Visit https://www.connectfor.org/causes/environment/ or opportunities related to Environment !

  • Health & Medicine: Volunteering at a hospital or a clinic can be very beneficial. You will benefit from an improved self-worth, pride and accomplishment while improving the lives of others. You not only benefit from meeting new people, learning new skills and gaining experience, but you also help individuals get through tough times and contribute to a greater sense of confidence. Some patients may not have family or friends to visit them, so you being that extra pillar of strength means the world to them !

Visit https://www.connectfor.org/causes/health-medicine/ for opportunities related to Health and Medicine!

  • Seniors: Volunteering with the elder has a few benefits. First, it helps bridge the generation gap. By interacting with younger generations, seniors are able to share important life lessons. Similarly, the younger generation is able to teach seniors new ways of looking at life. By building a connection with each other both generations are able to offer the respect and affirmation that humans crave. Additionally, volunteering with senior citizens help prevent isolation and depression and promotes physical activity.

Visit https://www.connectfor.org/causes/seniors/ for opportunities related to Seniors !

  • Specially Abled People: Volunteering with people with special needs is heartwarming! As a volunteer you’re making a difference in their lives. Here’s how! Not everyone with special needs is capable of being independent. As a volunteer, you can help encourage someone to be more independent and confident, even when no one else provides that support. Additionally, you can give the greatest gift of all-happiness. Beyond their growth, you may also increase your own happiness and expertise. You can explore new angles of a subject, practice a skill that you love and build your own confidence-which will have a lasting impact for all.

Visit https://www.connectfor.org/causes/specially-abled-people/ for opportunities related to Specially Abled people !

Now that you have more of a detailed information on the different causes that we work with in collaboration with over 150+ NGOs, think of a few that you would like to start with! Feel free to reach us, and we can help you connect with various organizations!

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