5 Ways to make this Diwali meaningful

The gift of inner peace is the best gift to give this, and every Diwali.

While Diwali is just a few days, shopping, gifts, decorations, and get-togethers are on the top of our to-do lists. While getting those items are definitely satisfying, can we decide to “gift” ourselves something more lasting, and more meaningful? And of course…something that is light on our wallets?

So here are 5 ways in making this, and every Diwali from now on a bit less self-indulgent, and more generous in giving not just our money, but also our time.

#1 The first way to make a difference is to encourage people to buy handcrafted Diwali items from non-government organizations, below are six different NGOs that participate in making sure that your needs are met. This will definitely leave a long-lasting smile on the faces of those who made it. So, click on any one of these links, and check out what’s in store for you!

MANN - Centre for Individuals with Special Needs: Items they make and sell: wine bags, envelopes set, diaries, greeting cards, lamps, candle stands, tea light holders, and various kinds of accessories {earrings, bangles, bracelets, coasters, hot plates, trivets}

*You can order online http://www.mann.org.in/products-2/

Access Life- Cancer Care Center: Items they make and sell: Diyas and torans *You can call or WhatsApp to order — http://www.accesslife.org/

Light of Life Trust: Items they make and sell: Kurtas, bags, paintings, accessories & more

*You can place your order here — http://lightoflifetrustindia.org/

Alive Foundation: Items they make and sell: table lamps, wooden boxes, stationery, key holders & more

*You can place your order here — https://www.facebook.com/pg/joyofALIVE/photos/?ref=page_internal

Lakshya Art Foundation: Items they make and sell: chocolate modaks, jute bags, lanterns & more

*You can place your order here -https://www.facebook.com/lakshyaartfoundation/photos/a.1053693558107480/1451111618365670/?type=3&theater

Healing Dove Foundation: Items they make and sell: Diyas and lanterns *You can place your order here — https://www.facebook.com/pg/healingdove/photos/?ref=page_internal

#2 The second way of making a difference if by buying new toys, or donating old toys. There is nothing like leaving a sparkle in the eyes of kids who cannot afford toys. That feeling is priceless. So, go ahead and donate or deliver these toys to hospitals or organizations that will benefit from such services.

#3 That brings us to the next, our third point: Be a volunteer for a day. There cannot be a better way to teach your children about giving back to society, or our community. Chose a volunteering service or an NGO through ConnectFor. Spend a day along with your family and/or friends, and volunteer for a cause.

#4 The fourth point: cook, share, and celebrate at an orphanage. There is a satisfying feeling when you make delicious Diwali treats for everyone! Cook or bake something with kids, and enjoy a meal with them.

#5 The fifth way to make a difference during Diwali: Donate online, or sign up for a community event with friends and family through the ConnectFor website.

We have been given in abundance, but not all of us have always acknowledged or appreciated everything. By purchasing gift items from NGOs, donating time to kids and/or the elderly, and taking care of our environment we are ensuring that we are gifting ourselves, and others “inner peace”. What feeling could possibly be better? The above mentioned NGOs have made sure to put a smile on our faces when we buy an item can we do the same for them?

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From everyone at ConnectFor, we wish you a very happy, prosperous, and peaceful Diwali!

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