5 Interesting Opportunities to Volunteer For

Two birds, one stone. Have fun while you make a difference.

  1. Social Media
    You just got an entirely legitimate reason to spend hours and hours on facebook, twitter and youtube. No more guilt about procrastinating — you’re actually doing good just by being so active on social media for the NGO.
  2. Chaperone a Field Trip:
    Ever wondered what the new Aquarium looked like? Been a while since your last museum visit? Look at everything through fresh new eyes by volunteering to chaperone field trips to different places, and ensure you never have a dull time!
    (Bonus: you can do this in a group, and make the trips with your friends)
  3. Teach Arts & Craft/ Dance/ Theatre/ Music/Cookery/Chocolate-Making
    Everyone has that one hobby which they’re now way too busy for. Remember how much fun it used to be to paint, or sing, or act? Relive all of that while sharing your passion with some worth beneficiaries!
  4. Data Entry
    I know this seems unlikely. Who in their right mind will think Data Entry is fun right? Wrong. If you’re a nerd, and enjoy finding patterns, and learning random bits of information, data entry gives you an insight into communities and groups you’d never have thought about otherwise. To quote Dr. Seuss “ Think and wonder. Wonder and think.” Just imagine how much fodder for thought and hypothesising something as seemingly mundane as data entry can give you!
    (Bonus: you can do this with a friend and compare theories)
    (Double Bonus: NGOs will be eternally grateful if you do this for them)
  5. Photography
    Are you one of those wandering souls? Always wondering how much more there is to explore in Bombay, or itching to capture that perfect moment and share it on Instagram? We guarantee that volunteering to be a photographer will take you places, and show you moments that you’d never get the chance to witness otherwise. Help an organisation rebrand or document their work, while entering a whole new world for yourself.

Pick your opportunity and get started immediately! Sign up on www.connectfor.org.

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