4 Success Stories from CFInternships


Summers are for sun, good food…and internships! Most students use their summer breaks to do something constructive and maybe even something to pad up those resumes! At ConnectFor, we worked with NGOs to curate specific internships, 4–6 weeks in length with defined deliverables, and offered those to our student community. It was a tremendous success, and altogether ConnectFor has helped over 150 interns find placements for high value projects with our partner NGOs. Here’s a sampling of our intern’s success stories:

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Name: Pranita Nagrale
NGO Name: Catalysts for Social Action
Internship: Pranita worked with CSA, an NGO working with Child Adoption, as a Data Analysis Intern. As part of their Business Development plans, she spent 4 weeks sorting, preparing and sifting through CSA’s data to best manage their donors, and additionally helping them develop and test their Child Development Tool for data collection.
Impact: 25 hours; INR 25,000 saved

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Name: Namita Kamat
Internship: Namita volunteered as an HR Intern with CRY, an NGO working for Children’s Rights. She worked with the Volunteer Action Team, as a liaison on a number of projects and campaigns, and was instrumental in quick and effective communication to ensure a high level of efficiency and efficacy.
Impact: 160 hours, INR 5,000 saved

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Name: Mariyam Kherodawala
NGO Name: Udaan
Internship: Mariyam was a Graphic Design intern for Udaan Foundation, and undertook an unusual project on their behalf. Sushree Mishra, of Udaan Foundation who supervised the internship said “Mariyam is very creative and has helped us to tell our story beautifully through post cards, picture cards designed aesthetically by her!”
Impact: 72 hours, INR 36,000 saved

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Name: Arpit Kubadia
NGO Name: Vardayani Apanga Seva Sanstha
Internship: Arpit volunteered with VASS, an organisation working with Special Needs beneficiaries, to develop and maintain their website in order to ensure that people find it easy to navigate and use.
Impact: 60 hours, INR 7,000 saved

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Just on the basis of these 4 internships, ConnectFor has already saved over INR 70,000, and had interns giving close to 320 hours! That means on average, for every hour volunteered by our interns, our NGOs are saving approximate INR 219!

Time really is money, and to make the most of your time, find some new and wonderful opportunities on our website: www.connectfor.org.

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