10 easy ways on how you can be a Changemaker!

I have always wanted to ‘create a difference’. Not just in my life, but everyone around me.

Giving little joys is a really big part of my life. And with the kind of upbringing and family values that I was brought up with, it all seemed natural.

Growing up, I realized that we need more people to spread love and make this planet a better place to live in. My friends and family are always excited when I come up with some volunteering opportunity and are self-driven and willing to contribute to it. But, I have found in many ease that the lack of ‘known opportunities’ to them is limited and this restricts them from doing their part for the society. So, in this blog, I have listed 10 easy ways in which you can be a change maker.

1. Smiles and Greetings -

As a human we have materialistic needs, physical needs and emotional needs. Our materialistic needs and physical needs are fulfilled in some or the other way. But what lacks are our emotional needs- the need to feel loved and cared, And we don’t even realize this.

So, just sending a smile across to your watchman or house help can actually lift their burden of a hectic day. Simple handmade greetings or notes on special occasions and festivals to our drivers and helpers can really add a spark along with the materialistic gift that you might be giving them.

2. Carry your own water bottle -

Whether we visit malls or impromptu street shopping trips, we have water stations available almost everywhere. You can refill your bottle when you need it. Even temples and railway stations have this facility these days. You will not just save money, but reduce plastic waste and keep your environment clean. Carrying your own shopping bag gives added points!!

3. Food for better -

Never throw food or waste food. You can take out all the extra food you have to a nearby underprivileged area and distribute the food. The smiles on their faces will take away your sheen of walking to that place.

4. Bird feeders matter -

Make it a rule to place a bowl of water at the minimum in your balcony or terrace. You can be creative, and make little homes using plastic bottles, cartons or shoe boxes to make it easily noticeable for the little birdies.

5. Vegetable waste is not waste -

Toss your vegetable peels and scrap into your gardens or pots or get a compost container. If you don’t have a garden or plant pots, you can use the compost in public gardens or give to a friend or a family member who has one.

6. Make your morning walk more interesting -

Pick up all the waste in your morning walking track or route and dispose of it properly. This added exercise will ensure that the extra calories you put on are burnt properly. Not just your health but the environment health matter too!

7. A glass of water creates magic -

The home delivering option has indeed made our lives a lot easier. But the army behind this — is our delivery persons — make sure that you offer a glass of water and help them beat the sun.

8. Take up a challenge -

Productivity increases when you take up a challenge. Create weekly and monthly challenges for yourself. Go plastic free or feed a person daily, take up whatever suits you. But make sure to give it your best to do it.

9. Spread the word -

Encourage your friends and family to volunteer along with you. The world always needs more and more people to do good. The more we have, the better. So encouraging others to take up volunteering adds up to the goodness you spread in this world.

10. Put the Internet to good use -

Join groups on Facebook or Whatsapp or other social media platforms which volunteer on a regular basis and try to actively participate in their activities. Also, raise your voice here and create awareness about really important issues. Signup on websites which list volunteering opportunities and do your part.

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