What is Volunteering?

Volunteering is an unpaid act of giving your time, skills and energy towards a social cause. Ideally, an individual will sign up for volunteering activities with an NGO or through an online platform like ConnectFor that promotes volunteering.

How Volunteering Can Benefit You?

Volunteering can be beneficial not only for our personal development but also for our career growth. Whether you are a student, working professional, homemaker or a person who is on a break, a volunteering experience can be a brownie point and can set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

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How Volunteering Can Benefit Your Career?

Renu is an avid communicator and is also good at designing creatives. She wants to use her skills to help NGOs who require support in communication. So, she browses through the website of an online platform that connects volunteers with NGOs.

Renu looks through the various volunteering opportunities available on the website. She decides to choose a volunteering project with an NGO that works for girl child education. This pro bono project involves creating and designing an appealing annual report for the NGO.

Renu and the NGO connect over an email for preliminary discussions. The NGO sends across the necessary content and pictures that they want to include in their annual report. …

Are you new to the field of volunteering and the development sector?

Have you been using the terms ‘volunteering’ and ‘fundraising’ interchangeably?

Let’s demystify these concepts for you!


Volunteering is an act of contributing your time and skill towards a social cause. It is an unpaid act wherein an individual channels their passion and interest towards an identified social cause to create change.

Ideally, an individual who is interested in volunteering would sign up for volunteering opportunities available at NGOs. …

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