Hello, readers!

We are excited to be in touch with you again. We hope everyone is keeping safe. As we reach the end of the year, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to be a part of ConnectFor VolunCheer — a celebration as we turn 5 on December 5.

ConnectFor will play host to a LIVE entertainment evening for our dedicated pool of volunteers who have successfully completed 15 volunteering hours before November 30. The show will house a stand-up comedian, a mandolin player and a flautist. We truly look forward to seeing you there!

This year has seen many ups and downs with the dark loom of the pandemic clouds still hovering over us. ConnectFor’s shift to Virtual Volunteering, although challenging, ended up being one of our most promising years. We successfully implemented many new projects that led us to our ultimate goal of generating impact for our NGO Partners by providing them with volunteers. …

You just donated to a charity! However, you wish that you could do more!

Have you heard about volunteering?

Do any of your friends or family members volunteer?

Why not be the first to volunteer and set an example for others?

Here’s how you can start volunteering for various social causes.

What is an NGO?

An NGO or Non-governmental organization is a not for profit entity that works towards social development and social change. …

Have you ever signed up for volunteering and then disappeared?

Here’s how you can stop being a ghost volunteer.

How to not be a ghost volunteer — volunteers who express interest and then disappear?

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You are interested in volunteering — that’s great! As a next step, you sign up for volunteering activities. Somehow though,

you never see the finish line.

Have you wondered why?

Did you unexpectedly become busy? Did you sign up without completely understanding the volunteering opportunity? …

What is Volunteering?

Volunteering is an unpaid act of giving your time, skills and energy towards a social cause. Ideally, an individual will sign up for volunteering activities with an NGO or through an online platform like ConnectFor that promotes volunteering.

How Volunteering Can Benefit You?

Volunteering can be beneficial not only for our personal development but also for our career growth. Whether you are a student, working professional, homemaker or a person who is on a break, a volunteering experience can be a brownie point and can set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

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How Volunteering Can Benefit Your Career?

Renu is an avid communicator and is also good at designing creatives. She wants to use her skills to help NGOs who require support in communication. So, she browses through the website of an online platform that connects volunteers with NGOs.

Renu looks through the various volunteering opportunities available on the website. She decides to choose a volunteering project with an NGO that works for girl child education. This pro bono project involves creating and designing an appealing annual report for the NGO.

Renu and the NGO connect over an email for preliminary discussions. The NGO sends across the necessary content and pictures that they want to include in their annual report. …

Are you new to the field of volunteering and the development sector?

Have you been using the terms ‘volunteering’ and ‘fundraising’ interchangeably?

Let’s demystify these concepts for you!


Volunteering is an act of contributing your time and skill towards a social cause. It is an unpaid act wherein an individual channels their passion and interest towards an identified social cause to create change.

Ideally, an individual who is interested in volunteering would sign up for volunteering opportunities available at NGOs. …

To our ConnectFor Community,

Hello, readers!

Yet again, a month full of reaching new milestones, putting new ideas to actions and a power packed month of engagement and collaboration has passed.

As we delve deeper into our expertise of curating Employee Volunteering Policies and Programmes for corporates across India, our intent to successfully alleviate the challenges of remote working include assisting our corporate clients in creating maximum social impact, engaging the employees, enhancing employees’ skill sets and knowledge to create stronger teams.

We truly believe that weaving the volunteering journeys of any organization for a seamless virtual volunteering experience requires a thorough needs assessment survey to identify individual volunteering needs, cause preferences and the volunteers’ motives for volunteering. Our experiences of working with multiple global corporate organizations have enhanced our abilities to draft volunteering policies, devise Employees’ Rewards & Recognitions Programme, garner employee volunteering interests for short-term and long-term volunteering opportunities, connect volunteers to relevant volunteering projects, track individual volunteering journeys and impact, and communicate results through active reporting. …

International Literacy Day 2020 focuses on “Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond,” especially on the role of educators and changing methods of teaching.

Ever since the pandemic, the education system has become more technology-driven learning has become virtual. Although this is a productive measure for the students, there are still many children/ people, who want to study who are unable to access learning opportunities during this time.

With this in mind, ConnectFor has come up with various opportunities where YOU can be a teacher and support many individuals:

· English Lessons — Do you have great communications and teaching skills especially in English? If yes, PREM needs you. Help out young children and teach them via Zoom or Google meet. …

Since the beginning of lockdown, we have all been reading heartbreaking news about fellow Indians and it’s been overwhelming, to say the least. I think as students, it’s often confusing to know how you can help in such a situation. When we chanced upon The Crisis Project’s (UK) initiative called ‘Letters to the NHS’ — it felt like a sign; We finally found a way students, such as ourselves, could contribute. ‘Write to Recognize’ is inspired by that movement. It is a simple platform — we share a story of a key worker with a volunteer, who then writes a letter of appreciation for them. Since people have a chance to nominate key workers, we have been able to send letters to doctors, pilots, the police, community leaders — the list is endless. The lockdown has had devastating consequences for us all and it just seemed like the perfect time to go out of our way to show gratitude for our daily heroes like delivery personnel and grocery store owners.

The journey started off with just one letter and the gratitude we felt through hearing the Key workers’ feedback was overwhelming. We knew that we needed to grow this initiative not only to facilitate students like ourselves to contribute to society in a small way but also to show our appreciation to our daily heroes. …

To the ConnectFor Community,

Hello, readers!

With the country still being caught in this pandemic, we hope all of you are taking all the necessary steps to keep safe and healthy. In the past 4 months, we have witnessed ConnectFor undergo some significantly rapid but positive changes. With all our teams and stakeholders working hard to generate impact, we were able to save our NGO Partners more than INR 8,00,000!

We are constantly innovating, and accommodating our NGO requests to our Virtual Employee Volunteering Activity Catalogue to give our clients a range of opportunities to choose from. We have successfully been able to partner with 8 new corporate clients to execute virtual employee volunteering activities. We have collaborated with 50+ NGOs to generate a greater impact. On our platform, we have crossed 21,000 volunteers. …

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